COVID-19 Update

Capital Physical Health Services is located within a private medical office with LOW foot traffic. Our office is designed for clients exclusively of Executive Healthcare Services, and for the clients of Dr. Darrel Asuncion of Capital Physical Health Services. There are minimal to no walk-ins at this office, reducing risk for unnecessary COVID-19 exposure.

With the current pandemic, clients are thoroughly screened prior to being allowed into the office for their initial consultation or a follow-up appointment to ensure the safety of all persons.

Upon arrival, clients are required to wear masks at ALL times. Dr. Asuncion and any other support staff are required to wear masks as well. Hand sanitizer is available for all clients upon entering and exiting.

Cleaning and sanitizing practices are performed daily, and in-between clients of CPHS. Scheduling is designed to ensure minimal overlap of clients within the office and proper social distancing.

If you have any other questions in regards to our office and current practices or would like to schedule an appointment, please email, or feel free to call/text (240)715-9516. Thank you.